Do You Choose The Right Water Cup?

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Drinking water has many benefits, so the quality of the cup is also important. What is your favorite water cup?

Do you know what kind of cup is the safest? In fact, sometimes cup itself is more important than the water. Some cups filled with water may be poisoned, some cups can not be filled with boiling water, some cups are unavailable with acid drinks. So, the water tool is very important, Do you choose the right water cup?

1. Plastic Water Bottles

Plastic water bottles are very common in daily life. They are popular with many friends because of their portability and durability. But plastic water bottles are not perfect, It also has its disadvantages, so, you should know it!

1.1 Plastic water bottles should not contain boiled water

Because most plastic bottle in the case of high temperature chemical molecule is not stable, it will release harmful substances to human body. As bisphenol A and phthalates, the two substances have the potential risk to the human body, bisphenol A cancer-causing, may disrupt the endocrine system, can also lead to reproductive function decline, and phthalic acid may cause male endocrine disorder.

However, not all plastic bottles are unstable or harmful, there are also some heat and corrosion resistant plastic materials. The bottle made of polypropylene material, this material is currently known to be a relatively stable food grade plastic material, some microwave oven special plastic cutlery and milk cups, are made of this material.

1.2 Plastic water bottles should be replaced frequently

Maybe you can find, plastic water bottle is particularly easy to scale, often need to clean. because most plastic water bottle can not be washed with boiling water, so it’s easy to breed a variety of bacteria. Plastic bottles need to be replaced frequently. Plastic bottles are not always unsafe, they just produce toxic substances in certain situation.

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